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General manager for a private Airlines
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1) The general responsibilities are :

-. Plans, coordinates, and control the daily operation of the company throughthe company's managers..

Establishes current and long range goals, objectives, plans and policies,subject to approval by the Board of Directors..

Dispenses advice, guidance, direction, and authorization to carry outmajor plans, standards and procedures, consistent with established policiesand Board approval. Sets priorities for planning activities across all divisions andfunctions..

Meets with company's executives and managers to ensure that operation arebeing executed in accordance with the company's policies.. Oversees the adequacy and soundness of the company's financial structure..

Reviews operating results of the company, compares them to establishedobjectives, and takes steps to ensure that appropriate measures are taken tocorrect unsatisfactory results..

Establishes and maintains an effective system of communications throughoutthe company.. Monitors the external environment and identifies opportunities to fulfillthe company strategy..

Plans and directs all investigations and negotiations pertaining to theacquisition of business or any new contracts concerning the followingobjectives :

- To maintain or increase the present domestic market share.

- To revive and utilize the marine tourism of the Red Sea area.

- To link the further west African countries with the Sudan, Saudi Arabia,the Gulf area and further to the Far East by suitable commercialarrangements.

- To lay the foundation for future expansion into Southern Africa and the Far East.

2) Salary and other Benefits :

. Salary : Not less than 60,000 USD / year depending on the qualificationsand the experience of the candidate (the nationality also is a considerablecriterion) ..

Accommodation : Furnished accommodation all utilities paid for.. Transportation : Company Car. Leave : Paid leave of 30 days/year of service.. Air passage : For self an! d family ( wife + 2 children ). Gratuity : Equivalent of one - month salary for each completed year andpayable yearly.. Contract period : 2 years and there after mutually renewable

3) The position will be based in Khartoum.

4) Nationality : Any.

5) Their website : Coming Soon.

The following is our introduction about our Company we are a private Airlines company. The company based in Khartoum and it commenced its commercial activities in 2002. Now, the company has 5 aircrafts, 5 helicopters and 2 cargo aircrafts. The company is concentrating mainly in the fields:

• Provision of regular charter services to petroleum companies.

• Provision of scheduled services for transportation of passengers from Khartoum to Port Sudan, Nyala and ElFahir.

• Chartering services to different clientele including UN missions and non-government organizations. The company aims at expanding its existing scheduled domestic network to the regional and international as well as supplementing the domestic market with new, attractive, efficient and more competitive aircrafts.

The company's capital is $ 5.2 million and the number of its employees is around 100.

Khartoum. Bahri closest, main Khartoum on other side of river 

For applying this job,

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